What’s on your deathbed playlist?

What if being dead includes hearing the last song forever? Like that song lingers in your ear… The one you can’t get rid of… Remember when you got a tune stuck in your head… Looping endlessly in your music mind, playing over and over and over again. Call it a catchy tune. Like the music … Continue reading


Good news June 15 2020

Good News Monday, June 15th 2020 “Not just the good news, we have excellent news.” Did you know that the Band-Aid bandage is 100 years old. Band-Aids! Around 100 years. Johnson & Johnson employee Earle Dickson invented the Band-Aid in 1920. His wife burned herself while cooking. Dickson created, produced and marketed the Band-Aid. The … Continue reading

Think Outside the Banana

Why are we thinking outside the box? You hear it all the time. “You gotta think outside the box.” They tell us to be creative, we have to stop thinking inside the box, and think outside the box. This is a lot of thinking about boxes. Why are we thinking about boxes? We are limiting … Continue reading

Thought Experiment

Thought experiment: What is thinking like with no language? Imagine having a language of 1000 words or 100 words or 10 words. Our ancestors must have had an era with virtually no language. What was thought like then? It may have been much more like our current dreams. What we call thinking may have been … Continue reading

We set a record!

We set a record! The Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have the largest electrical blackouts in US history. Second-largest blackout in the world. At least it is not JUST us, the bulk of the record setting outage is on Puerto Rico. The research firm, the Rhodium Group, conducted a study of the magnitude of the … Continue reading