My New Book is Out – Dream Wizard Escapes 

My New Book is Out – Dream Wizard Escapes 

It’s a dream story, it’s a great dog story, it’s an adventure story, it’s a bedtime story and a romp in dream land. It is Dream Wizard Escapes, a new novel by Alex Randall. It’s the perfect book to help chase away the nightmares of COVID, shutdown, facemasks and injustice.  

Dream Wizard Escapes is perfect for tweener readers, and perfect for parents to use as a bed time story for younger kids.

The story is set in Boston with our hero, Sandy and his dog Mr. Harris Tweed. Sandy is kidnapped and has to dream his escape.  But he gets captured. And gets tossed in with another kid and they try to escape and get captured again. Tied up and gagged lying in the bottom of a closet, they have to figure an escape plans in their dream world. Their adventure takes them to Knight School where Sandy and Katarina solve their dilemma with the help of other kids at Knight School a lot of squirrels.  It can only happen in dreams.

Dr. Montague Ullman, American Dream Researcher said, “Randall is the ONLY person writing about dreams FOR children.”  The wonderful and educational bedtime story is easily understood by a child, and will definitely appeal to the imagination. Parents will find it engaging when they read it to younger children. It conveys an important message to the child: you can solve problems in your dreams!


Dream Wizard Escapes is also an incredible work of art with beautiful original artwork by professional artist Candace Whittemore Lovely. Her paintings are in museums and private collections; one is in the White House, hence stunning illustrations set in Boston around Beacon Hill. That’s the same neighborhood as Make Way for Ducklings. Whether you get this book for your child, or read it to them or give it to other children, you are helping the children know they can conquer their nightmares. 


The book is available on Amazon and at

About the Author and Illustrator

Alex Randall is a teacher, writer, newscaster and the creator of America’s first e-commerce business, The Boston Computer Exchange. He is Professor of Communication at the University of the Virgin Islands with advanced degrees from Princeton and Columbia. He wrote his doctoral thesis for Margaret Mead about a tribe of dreamers. Dr. Randall spent years teaching all over the world and once lived on Mt. Vernon Square.

Go see for more information about dreaming. is a rich library of recordings from notable people talking about dreaming 

Candace Whittemore Lovely is a Boston Impressionist. She has won numerous awards and many galleries have given her one-woman shows.  Among her many other credits is painting the official White House portrait of Mrs. Barbara Bush, and the official portrait of Fenway Park for the 1999 All Star Games. She lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Her art is available in Boston at the Copley Society and the Nantucket Gallery at #4 India Street.


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