Thought Experiment

Thought experiment: What is thinking like with no language? Imagine having a language of 1000 words or 100 words or 10 words. Our ancestors must have had an era with virtually no language.

What was thought like then?
It may have been much more like our current dreams. What we call thinking may have been dreamier – visual images… auditory sounds… images linked together by visual analogies, metaphors and puns. Dead people would be prominent. Memory would be like being there. The voices and admonitions of ancestors would have dominated. We would have heard our ancestors. We would have faces we don’t recognize delivering ideas as visions. We would eahc have our own pantheon of “gods…” disembodied voices and faces that seem to know what to do and how to behave.

As we acquired language we displaced this kind of thinking.

Polytheism may be the natural result of everyone having their own set of voices and faces of gods. We had our own pantheon of angels and demons.


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